Partnerships (PSENSP)

Who are we?

The Portsmouth Special Educational Needs Support Partnership (PSENSP) is a service, commissioned by the Local Authority, which is jointly delivered by Mary Rose Academy, Cliffdale Primary Academy, Redwood Park Academy, The Harbour School and Willows Centre for families and children.
Partnerships (PSENSP)

Aims of the service:

To ensure consistent, high quality, unified support that:

  • Improves outcomes for children and young people with SEN and disabilities to enable them to remain in mainstream education, where appropriate;
  • Helps to maximise the educational opportunities for ALL children and young people;
  • Helps to build the capacity and confidence to meet the needs of ALL children and young people;
  • Works in collaboration with other service providers to ensure that services are complementary, simple to use, joined-up and effective.

What do we do?

The Portsmouth Special Educational Needs Support Partnership (PSENSP) is a service for schools which is designated to:

  • offer free targeted support aimed at staff who are supporting specific pupils with SEN
  • provide access to a range of continuing professional development and training for individual and/or groups of staff working with pupils with SEN

A menu of the services available can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

How do you access our services?

A copy of our Operational Protocols for Partnership Working must be signed and returned by your Headteacher before support can be offered. A copy can be downloaded from this page.

To request support for a child or young person please complete and return a CYP request form or a CPD form if the request is for training. Copies of both forms can be downloaded from this page. Forms can be emailed to the PSENSP address but a signed hard copy of the form must be received before support can be offered.

Cost of services

Individual pupil support is currently provided free, however due to a reduction in funding we will be operating a reduced service this year with cases being prioritised by need. In addition, a waiting list will be in operation when capacity has been reached.

Some CPD is chargeable, where this is the case it is highlighted on the request form. The cost for chargeable CPD will be quoted once a request has been received.