Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning and Adventurous Activity

At Cliffdale Primary Academy we aim to routinely offer pupils adventurous, memorable and challenging experiences through outdoor learning that have a positive benefit to the child.

We endeavour to foster self-esteem and self-confidence in outdoor settings, enhance personal and social development and teach pupils how to develop their resilience and deal with emotions through simple problem solving, critical thinking and team work. We do this by taking the classroom outside, giving pupils direct experiences with the outdoors through Forest School and adventurous activity.

Forest School offers children the opportunity of an educational experience in a ‘wild woodland’ setting, with safe, experiential learning about the world around them and how to care for it. Creech Woods and 100 Acre Woods are used to help pupils develop skills for simple conservation, creating shelters, making fires and cooking and learning all about seasonal changes.

Outdoor adventurous activity offers pupils the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities such as kayaking, climbing, horse riding and archery. We use the facilities available in the local community at Fort Purbrook, Fort Widley and North Harbour lake.

Learning in the outdoor environment brings subjects like communication, PSHE, maths, English and science to life. Whilst also providing opportunities to learn skills of enquiry, experimentation and cooperative learning. It encourages pupils to develop confidence in outdoor settings and to use the setting for imaginative play. We encourage pupils to learn through what they encounter, investigate and discover, in a safe arena where their actions have all kinds of possible consequences.