PE & Sport

Health and Wellbeing through Physical Education and sport are at the very heart of our vision at Cliffdale Primary Academy. We recognise that PE and sport can help build on the natural enthusiasm of our pupils, expressing and testing themselves though movement in a variety of situations. Equally we use PE and sport as a vehicle through which we motivate pupils to learn and achieve across the whole curriculum.

Pupils experience a wide range of activities which encourage and inspire them to build self- esteem, teamwork and leadership skills enabling them to be the best they can be. We believe that a varied physical education programme offers a fundamental and effective platform to provide opportunities for young people to develop key life skills. These activities include outdoor adventurous activities, water sports, horse riding and climbing as well as the more traditional sports and swimming.

We regularly enter sports festivals which offer the opportunity to compete against pupils from other schools locally and regionally, to make new friends and experience new things.

Annual Sports Days are a whole school event, enjoyed by all. Pupils compete in their school teams and the activities are differentiated to meet need, ability and age. It’s a great day and well supported by families and the community.