Our topic this term in Blue class has been ‘Fun on the Farm’.  Our activities so far have been based upon the books ‘The Little Red Hen’ and ‘The Pig in the Pond’.  The children have been learning the names and the Makaton signs for the different animals through singing songs; sensory stories of the Little Red Hen and The Pig in the Pond and visits to Staunton Farm, where they have been able to see adult and baby animals close up…which has been lots of fun!

We have also been weekly to College Park as part of our PE sessions where the children have been practising their climbing skills and moving around the different apparatus.   The children have also been learning how to request either the ‘big’ or the ‘small’ climbing frames and swings.

We were delighted to see all the children in Blue Class, back in school after the Christmas break and how quickly they all settled back in.

Reflecting back on what the children achieved last term, it is lovely to remember the range of things that have really engaged them.  They all loved the story of The Gruffalo and Elijah, Thomas and Blake particularly enjoyed sharing with an adult and looking through the story book; matching the pictures and repeating phrases such as “Purple prickles.” 

The children did their first PE lessons with the apparatus and it was lovely to see their confidence and ability to balance grow.  By the end of the term Alisha and Huey were accessing all the climbing equipment with just a little staff support and Theo showed that he could wait his turn before starting on a piece of equipment.   Rosie showed how she can hold her head up high like a real pro.

The children also enjoyed exploring the environmental area. Orion particularly enjoyed exploring the pond with a stick and learning how to sit next to it safely and Nina enjoyed searching around trying to find the hidden characters from the Gruffalo story. 

With all the fun they had last term we can’t wait for this one!