It has been a fantastic term in Red Class and the children have been really engaged with our new topic – “Ee I Ee I Ow”. We have had lots of amazing opportunities to learn all about farm animals and enjoyed some fabulous activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Each week we have had the opportunity to visit Staunton Country Park. We have learnt to navigate the farm site independently and to select the animals we wish to visit using a choose board. Ray especially liked visiting the goats and was even brave enough to reach out and touch them. Paddy especially enjoyed watching the pigs and got very excited each time they splashed in the mud!   At the end of each visit we had the opportunity to play in the park or on the giant slide. It was wonderful to see the children begin to play alongside each other and share equipment. Jasper had a great time sharing the see-saw with his friends.

In class we have explored lots of farm related sensory activities. Dillon was so interested in the different materials in the farm tray he decided to join the animals! We have used different tools to help us with our mark making. Jacob was especially motivated when adding colour to the animal outlines. This topic has really encouraged us to begin looking at print.  Noah has learnt to match symbols and photos of farm animals and Aiden has developed a love of books, especially when they have different textures to feel or they make a noise.

As well as learning about our topic Red Class have been working hard to challenge ourselves in other areas of the curriculum. We have regularly visited College park and used the equipment there to develop our gross motor skills. Oliver is very confident climbing, swinging and sliding and woops with joy each time he sees the park photo!

We have also increased our confidence using the equipment in school. Everyone enjoys their sessions in soft play and Mathuran now giggles continually whilst in the ball pit. We have also started to try new tastes and textures as part of food time. We are growing in confidence when using cutlery and are now much more willing to touch and taste new foods. Noah especially enjoyed nibbling all around the outside of his cucumber slices.

What an amazing first term we have had in Red Class! We started by learning all about our bodies and what they can do. Paddy learnt to use his hands to feed a baby with a spoon, persevering to get the food closer and closer to the baby’s mouth. Noah and Jacob used their hands to make marks; Noah grew in confidence when touching different textures and Jacob began to use tools to make marks when supported by staff. Mathuran and Ray learnt to explore different materials using all of their senses. Mathuran was really interested in the sensory boxes, comparing how the different objects felt. Ray explored the vegetable tuff tray. He even smelt and licked each of the vegetables in the tray.

After half term our focus was “the Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson.  Dillon enjoyed combining different dry materials to create his Gruffalo crumble. We all made beautiful artwork based around the story including Gruffalo faces and paw prints. Oliver especially enjoyed manipulating the playdough to create his own Gruffalo including adding spikes and prickles to the design.

In addition to this Red Class have been working hard on our individual ‘key skills’ targets. We have been practising using photo symbols to communicate our wants and needs. Noah relished any opportunity to use this skill to request his favourite items when cooking!   We have been learning to complete a range of ‘shoebox’ tasks designed to improve fine motor control and encouraging us to move objects from left to right.  Jasper especially enjoys these tasks when he needs to post the objects. We have also worked hard on our gross motor movements by learning to travel across a range of apparatus in PE. Aiden has been persvereing to improve his balance with some staff support.

As you can see we have been really busy in the Autumn term and cannot wait to see what we learn next in the Spring!