In Yellow class the children have been sharing lots of farm related stories this term including ‘Rosie’s Walk, ‘The Enormous Turnip' and 'The Little Red Hen.' It has been wonderful to see how well some children can remember and re-tell the story at the end of the week. Everyone had the opportunity to try different types of bread and also make vegetable soup which was delicious. 

During their Nursery sessions the Yellow class children have also painted animals and made collages sticking feathers on chickens and cotton wool on sheep. Gracie-May made a lovely handprint horse picture and Mallic made a hen. Ameer is very good at cutting out pictures neatly and Layla likes to copy a picture using paint. She is so good at paying attention to small details.

Throughout the term Yellow Class have also been out on some trips to the park to see for themselves how some farm animals live. This was very interesting and exciting as it brought what has been seen in the story books to life.  The children have also had the opportunity to explore some new, and bigger equipment in the Play Area.

Autumn term was very busy in Mauve Room with plenty of exciting activities and opportunities for the children, learning to develop a wide range of skills.

Communication is a key focus in Mauve Room and the children have been developing their use of schedule photographs and symbols, as well as using their PECS books to make requests. This has enhanced the development of the children’s relationships with adults and peers.

The Soft Room and Sensory Room remain firm favourites with the children and sensory experiences have been widened as they have also enjoyed opportunities to visit the Sensory Garden, where Jaxon and Noor have learnt to swing using the hammock and rope swing.  In the classroom the children have been communicating their preferences towards a broader range of stimuli. They have participated in a wide variety of sensory activities including mark making in foam, gloop, paint and sand. Saihamul is always the first to try out any messy activities! Aspects of the Gruffalo story were explored through food tasting and the use of a sensory bag, while the children used water to wash vegetables during our Harvest topic.

Balancing has been the focus during P.E. lessons in the hall using climbing frames, scuttle boards, the wobble board and the balance beam.  Robert has learnt to put his hands out to help him balance when walking along the equipment, while Milena confidently climbs up and over the frame before going down the slide.

The Autumn term was rounded off with Christmas celebrations including a party with all the other Reception children and making decorations for the Christmas tree – Henry and Alexander carefully placed their decorations on the Christmas tree in the hall. We even made a Christmas Tree using vegetables!  There was even a visit from Father Christmas!

We are looking forward to learning all about the Farm and farm animals next term.