Kangaroo class have been having a great time at our weekly visits to the Gymnastics Centre as part of our PE lessons. It is our most favourite time of the week and we all get very excited when we see it on the class timetable on a Monday afternoon. We spent the first few visits getting to know the new space and our Gymnastics coach Sam. Our confidence has really improved and we are all starting to try out new things when we are there. We have been learning to move and travel along the long bouncy running track, copy actions and movements in the big mirrors and some of us have even braved jumping into the big foam pit from a height. We all love using the big trampoline so we have been learning to take turns and share the space with one another. We find it really funny when we have to try and bounce the staff on the trampoline too!

On a Tuesday afternoon we have also been going to a local shop to buy everything we need for food time for the week. We go every Tuesday and the staff in the shop have got to know us all now! We have been learning to walk around the shop holding on to a member of staff’s hand and getting used to buying only what is on our shopping list!

When we are not at the Gym Centre or the shops we have been busy learning a range of traditional tales and nursery rhymes as part of our topic ‘Once Upon a Time.’ So far our favourite has been ‘5 Currant Buns.’ We learnt to join in with the actions to the song and we even had our own Kangaroo bakery set up in class!

Kangaroo class were very busy bodies in the autumn term!  We all enjoyed learning all about our body parts in the topic ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.’ We loved dressing up and pulling faces in a mirror, printing with our hands and feet and using our senses to investigate different tastes and textures. Our favourite activity was putting our feet into different sensory trays and then enjoying a relaxing foot spa at the end to clean our feet!

Alongside learning all about our bodies we have continued with our learning in English and Maths. We have all been learning to recognise and read familiar classroom and everyday symbols. This has really helped us with our transitioning and understanding of what is happening now and next. In Maths we have been learning to recognise numerals and move and handle objects one at a time.

We became more confident at transitioning and moving around the school as the term went on, so we started to visit some new places. The environmental area soon became a favourite area for us all. We learnt to follow a visual schedule to independently transition there. Once we were there we all loved exploring the area. Some of us gradually built up the confidence to move away from staff members and move around on our own, whilst others investigated the area by picking up objects of interest and seeing what we could do with them. Next term we will be continuing our visits to the environmental area, whilst learning to prepare ourselves for the visit by following a visual schedule to put on our welly boots and coats!

Kangaroo class really did have such a fabulous Autumn term. We all settled really well into school life and there were some fantastic memorable moments. There were many ‘first time’ achievements across the term, like getting our Bronze Awards in assembly and appearing in the Christmas show. We can’t wait to see what next term has in store for us!