Meerkat Class have had an exciting term learning about our topic ‘Once Upon a Time’. We have been working hard on our climbing skills; whilst at the Fort we also undertook the rope obstacle course, which everyone found exciting, managing the dark tunnels really well. We have also been using the parachute to practice our listening skills, swapping places with our friends when we hear our names, whilst looking for the place we need to travel too.

Meerkats have been practicing their pouring and measuring using an assortment of different sized jugs and cups just like when Polly put the kettle on! We have learnt about a variety of nursery rhymes, including Humpty Dumpty and we fixed Humpty Dumpty back together again with plasters. We have been practicing our threading and fine motor skills during Little Red Riding Hood activities, lacing baskets and pegging clothing onto our washing line. During Goldilocks and the Three Bears work, the children role played the story using the three different sized bears; three different sized chairs, bowls and beds. We explored porridge oats and made our own porridge, it was just right!

In our creative afternoons we have been discovering different textures. We enjoyed exploring straw, sticks and bricks just like The Three Little Pigs. Meerkats really enjoyed blow painting to practice their blowing skills through a straw like The Big Bad Wolf.

Hello and welcome to Meerkat Class. We have been busy making friends and getting to know each other. During our first week, the class enjoyed sharing a book called ‘That’s Not My Meerkat’ and other stories by the same author. Each book had a sensory page to touch and look at. They felt materials that are smooth, rough, fluffy and lumpy and looked at things that are shiny and bright. The whole class have had fun making our own pages of the book. These pages included their handprints and a title describing the picture. The ‘That’s Not My Car’ book saw the children driving a car through paint to make wheel marks. For the book ‘That’s Not My Lion’ Meerkat class, used forks to create a lions mane with orange paint. After we had read a poem ‘This Little Piece of String…’ all the children had a try at measuring each. They lay on large piece of paper and drew around each other with chalk and used a piece of string to measure. The class has also enjoyed listening to music, playing instruments, counting and hiding in boxes! Everyone is settling in well and getting used to their new routines.