Monkey Class have had lots of adventures already this term. We really loved going swimming at Redwood Park pool. Here we learned to get in and out of the pool safely using the steps. We also learned a range of action songs and games which increased our water skills and confidence.

We have also enjoyed the opportunity to go to the park. We had a special focus on turn taking and sharing. Angie said we all worked really hard while having lots of fun!

Monkey class have enjoyed the new topic “Once upon a Time”. We have learned lots of new words that are found in a range of traditional tales and rhymes. It has also been a lot of fun to count out buns on a baker’s stall, and find out just how many Humpty Dumptys you can get on wall!  Best of all we used our communication skills to make porridge and choose our favorite topping of jam or chocolate spread!

Wow what a busy term! Monkeys have learned so much! We have quickly established our class routine and are all working really hard in our independent work bays even coming back to do another task!  We have learned to read lots of different symbols and now use these to make choices, label objects and even understand where to find the different areas of school. In 1-1, we are learning to count out quantities and stop at the right amount, with a little help. We have had lots of fun working hard on increasing our attention and focus during ‘Bucket Time’, especially when Angie makes a mess!

Monkey also enjoyed special events including, Team days working together with others in our different coloured teams.  We also learned lots during RE days, sharing with others while celebrating Mawlid-an-Nabi, and learning about Advent, through lots of different activities including making a wreath using play dough and candles.