Alpaca Class have been learning about lots of different areas of the Science curriculum in our new topic ‘Batteries Not Included’.

The children have worked hard at trying to remember the different names of the planets in the Solar System and some of the fascinating facts about them! The children have enjoyed making their own astronauts which have been proudly displayed in the corridor so all their friends can see! They have decorated the planets using lots of different materials.

Everyone particularly enjoyed getting outside for learning all about forces; especially exploring push and pull forces whilst playing a tug of war!  They also discovered how the toys they use include different forces and movements!

Alpaca class have also learnt a lot about electricity this term; especially in the cookery room where they enjoyed making cakes and toast!  Everyone thought carefully about what they needed to do to keep safe when using different electrical appliances.

Alpaca Class have really enjoyed the topic ‘Made in Portsmouth’ this term’; they have particularly enjoyed all the trips out seeing different places in our city.  They recognised some places, but some places were new! 

Everyone really enjoyed going to Gunwharf Quays and up the Spinnaker tower – it was great fun to look out over Portsmouth and see what we could recognise.  It was also really great to look down through the glass floor, some children were a bit worried to begin with, but everyone had a go in the end!  It was funny to see how small all the people on the ground looked!

Alpaca class also enjoyed going to Pets at home to see the animals; fish are always a favourite!  It was also great fun to go to the park with friends from Flamingo class as part of friendship week.