What a busy topic we are having this term ~ ‘Batteries not Included’! Elephant class have been looking at and thinking about different power sources as well as learning how to use a range of electrical appliances safely. Kruz learnt to recognize and label power sources such a battery, solar, wind and windup, using toys and had such fun learning how to make a balloon (wind powered) model car.

Mollie and Bailey showed just how well they could follow a visual safety schedule to cook and clean.  They were able to carefully plug appliance in, press the switches in correct order and made sure to turn everything off when they had finished. Lots to remember!

Daisy enjoyed learning about light and dark and the things we can use to help us see at night. She dressed up in the high vis costume, created patterns on the light board as well as used torch light to create shadows on the wall. Through art Martim has learnt to create different shades by adding white or black to a chosen colour as well as a creating his own night and day collage, correctly identify what items and activities you do e.g. bed – night, school – daytime. Connie has also got creative using forces (a swing motion) to create shapes and patterns with water on the playground floor.

What a wonderful autumn term it has been in Elephant class. Through our topic ‘Made in Portsmouth’ pupils have enjoyed learning about where they live and the things they can do in their city. Pupils have visited shopping centres, famous landmarks such as the Spinnaker tower and enjoyed outdoor activities at Canoe Lake and the beach. As a class we have looked at maps of the city, written shopping lists and followed visual schedules to get on and off escalators and out of lifts safely when out at the shops.

In art Elephant class have been learning how to create and use watercolours. They have recreated a 1930’s style poster of different places around the city combining watercolours with ICT skills. Pupils have also been learning how to copy 2d and 3d collage work through a range of ‘Bucket’ activities following a model. They have produced stripy beach huts, textured sandcastle as well as stone castles.

During friendship week pupils learnt to play and share a range of active games. A particularly favourite game for Dylan and Connie was ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’. Elephant class invited Panda class to come a join them and great fun was had by all!  Elephant class also invited Flamingo Class to join them in the art room to create a friendship hand print tree as well as paint grey Flamingos and pink Elephants! As a class Elephants shared a book, played group beanbag games and created their own obstacle courses. Kruz and Martim were particularly good at balancing bean bags while Mollie and Daisy loved taking turns pushing each other on the swings in the environmental area.

A key focus for this term has been communication. Pupils have been learning how to answer and ask simple questions supported by symbols as well as using a range of language boards in art, the environmental area and out on trips.

It has been such a busy autumn term what with visiting so many places around the city, Kayaking, Team days, Forest and Beach School with Fran, RE Days - Mawlid an-Nabi & Advent it’s amazing we made it through to the end of term!   But Elephant class still had a little something extra special to give, up their sleeves as they joined forces with Alpaca Class for the Christmas show spectacular!

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year 2020.