Flamingo Class have been learning about problem solving and navigation skills in PE at Fort Purbrook this half term.

We have been learning to walk short distances and play games whilst blindfolded! Really scary, but so much fun!  We were also walking down long tunnels sometimes with torches, but often in total darkness!  We held onto ropes to help us find our way in the dark.  The torches were used as part of our topic ‘Batteries Not Included’. We were practicing using the switches to turn them on and off as well as understand that they could help us to see where we were going!  We were able to put our topic words into practice ‘push’ and ‘pull’ when we pushed open heavy doors and pulled the rope to help us walk along the tunnels.

We explored the land at Fort Purbrook with our friends, looking into the old buildings and walking up and down creaky steps. It was so big! We could see the Spinnaker Tower from the top of the fort too!