Lion class have had a really enjoyable term learning about our topic ‘Batteries not included’. Our favourite area of the topic was learning about forces and movement and what effects they have on our everyday lives. We investigated push and pull forces at Drayton park on one of our ‘Skills for Life’ trips working with our friends on the swings, seesaw and roundabout.

We all loved investigating how gravity and different angled slopes and surfaces effected the speed of different cars and vehicles down a ramp. Lion class were very creative when using different forces to paint large scale pieces of art work, rolling metal ball bearings through paint in a large tray. We also learnt how to follow instructions and safely use a range of household electrical appliances including toasters, kettles and vacuum cleaners.

We were very lucky to be invited to represent our school at a sport and movement day at Mary Rose Academy. We participated in a dance work shop, sensory storytelling swimming session and rode a range of adapted bikes….it was great fun!

Another highlight of the spring term was World book day where we all dressed up as characters from a wide range of popular books and shared our favourite books and stories with each other.

We really enjoyed our topic ‘Made in Portsmouth’. We learnt about the key features of the local area where we live including the famous buildings and landmarks, shops and shopping centres. We also investigated popular things to do in and around Portsmouth including visiting Queen Elizabeth Country Park. We investigated different modes of transport we could use including the ferries and hovercraft and of course, we learnt all about the beach. We particularly enjoyed exploring and hunting for a variety of objects hidden in a number of different sensory trays created to replicate beaches and rock pools.

Following our kayaking sessions during the first half term, we were lucky enough to go climbing at Fort Purbrook in the underground climbing walls and all grew in confidence each week trying to climb higher than we had managed previously.

During friendship week, we shared all our favourite toys and pieces of equipment with each other in our own classroom. We also joined with many other classes to participate in a range of fun activities including visiting the environmental area and the park.

Lion class loved working with Crocodile class and members of Leopard class in the Christmas show creating a performance based around travelling by bus to perform our own version of ‘Cinderella’ at the Kings Theatre! We all played different parts dressed as reindeer, princes, a bird and a mouse!

We are all really looking forward to learning about our new topic ‘Batteries not included’ next term. We will be learning about batteries and electricity with an emphasis on safety. Learning about space and planets as well as investigating light and dark, forces and movement.