In class, we have been exploring electricity as part of the ‘batteries not included’ topic and learning how to use electrical appliances safely. We applied these skills when making and sharing delicious toast and hot chocolate in the cookery room. We made sure to remember how to be safe when plugging them in and everyone now remembers to turn off the switch before pulling out a plug. We have also had great fun plugging in and turning on hoovers, fans and hairdryers!  Amjet and Ronnie particularly enjoyed plugging in the radio and trying to find different music that we could all dance to!

We also enjoyed exploring shadows when learning about ‘light and dark’. We got very good at using torches to help us see and took them to Fort Purbrook so we could look around the dark tunnels underneath the fort. Nathan was very brave and lead the group into each dark room using his torch. We enjoyed making show puppets with the torches, George learnt one of our new topic stories and retold it to the class using shadow puppets.

Orangutan class had so much fun last term with our ‘Made in Portsmouth’ topic. We learnt so much about our amazing city and fitted in lots of trips to different places all around Portsmouth. Some of our favourites were Portchester Castle, Canoe Lake and Victoria Park. We learnt to be safe when out on trips, when walking near roads and being around people we don’t know.  We took all the new names of places in Portsmouth and matched them to symbols and words. We also used symbols to write a diary about all the fun places we had been to. We learnt about the different types of shops and transport in Portsmouth and matched this new vocabulary to photos. In maths, we especially enjoyed counting cars and ordering cars with numbers on.

Orangutan class were also very lucky to go horse riding at Fort Widley this term; some of us were a bit nervous at first but eventually everyone got on a horse and loved it!   Everyone’s confidence grew each time we went and we ended up with some very confident horse riders by the end of term.

In friendship week we were very lucky to be able to go out and do lots of fun things with friends from different classes. We visited the environmental area, played party games in the hall and went to the park with different classes. We also made friendship cards to give to others and shared our favourite games.

In the lead up to Christmas, we really enjoyed preparing for the ‘Pompey Christmas’ show. We were able to use what we had learnt about the places in Portsmouth and different transport to make costumes and props for our Christmas at the dockyard, travelling by boat. Everyone was great in the show and loved showing the audience what they had worked so hard on.

We hope you have a great Christmas break and a Happy new year.