A Special Thank-You Assembly

A Special Thank-You Assembly

We did a very special ‘thank-you’ assembly today, to say a huge ‘thank-you’ to our friends at H&S Aviation.

We did a very special ‘thank-you’ assembly today, to say a huge ‘thank-you’ to our friends at H&S Aviation.  Jo and Gary, who work at H&S Aviation, came to the assembly so that we could say thank you to them.

In the summer holidays, H&S Aviation sent lots of people to work on our hall.  They built a new wall down the left hand side of the hall, which got rid of the old glass doors and windows.  They installed lots of brilliant new lights that we can use to make our assemblies and shows look brilliant.  They put new doors on the cupboards and they decorated the whole hall!  When they’d finished doing all of that work, they even painted a couple of classrooms for us!  They also decorated our reception area and got us a brand new school logo made, which everyone can see as soon as they come in the front door!

Everyone wanted to say a really big ‘thank-you’ to H&S Aviation for our brilliant new hall, so we decided to do a special assembly.  The choir sang some songs, the Taiko Drumming team did a special performance and everyone did some dancing under the new lights!

Lower School and Upper School each made a card for H&S, which Jo and Gary received from Alfie and Harry from Lower School and Levi and Bradley from Upper School. 

Gary and Jo then had one more surprise for us!  They gave us a cheque for £1,500!!  The Team Captains came up to receive the cheque and say ‘thank-you’.  We all did ‘3 Cheers for H&S Aviation’!

Thank you H&S Aviation for everything that you have done for us at Cliffdale, we love our new hall and can’t wait to use our lights properly in the Christmas show!