Arts Week 2019

Arts Week 2019

Take a walk on the wild side...

What a fantastic array of art work produced in just one week by all the classes at Cliffdale. With the theme of their class animals pupils were given the opportunity to take their animal through any art movement e.g. modernism, impressionism, Pop art, Arts and Craft or 3D Sculpture work. Pupils learnt to print, paint, dab, stick, shape, join a range of materials and textures to produce multiple pieces of art work.

Giraffe class combined 3D work with Mondrian’s recognisable style of red, yellow and blue squares on a white background, to produce a stunning and very large Giraffe!  Plant pots and flowers were used in an arts and crafts style to make Kangaroos. Umbrellas and newspaper were used to make Koala bears and Rhino class produced a large scale 3D metallic rhino complete with a sign saying ‘Do not feed’!

Throughout the week each upper school class spent time in the art room with a visiting art teacher, Lin, creating both individual and group pieces of work to be displayed in the whole school gallery!  The whole school also produced one animal in their own style to create one large jungle style art work which can now be viewed and enjoyed by everyone in the main school corridor.

Staff and pupils worked hard to ensure all the beautiful art work was displayed as best as it could be in their own class galleries, ready for parents and carers to enjoy at the end of the week.  All large scale art work including work produced in the art room was then on display in the school hall.  Families, friends and governors were invited to take a ‘walk on the wild side’ and enjoy the jungle created by the children all around the school.  Brilliant!