Cliffdale’s Whole School Award Scheme

Cliffdale’s Whole School Award Scheme

In September every child in the school begins the year with a ‘Bronze Award Card’.

In September every child in the school begins the year with a ‘Bronze Award Card’.  The award scheme starts with ‘Bronze’ and moves through ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Diamond’. The award cards allow staff to recognise significant achievements for individual children which are above and beyond those that are usually recognised with verbal praise or stickers.   

Each award in the scheme becomes increasingly more of a challenge to achieve.  The ‘Bronze Award’ begins with the children needing to collect eight achievements.  In the ‘Silver Award’ children need to collect ten achievements; for the ‘Gold Award’ it’s fifteen and for the ‘Diamond Award’ (which is very sparkly!) children need to collect twenty achievements!  Once a child has completed their award card they take it to Ashley (Head of School) to share with her all the ‘fantastic things’ that they have done.  They then receive a certificate from Ashley in the whole school, Friday assembly.

In addition to receiving their certificate, the children earn points for their team with each award that they achieve.  The Bronze award earns 2 team points, Silver earns 3 team points, Gold earns 5 team points and Diamond earns 10 team points!

The children are very aware of how the award scheme works and are often found telling each other or staff about their achievements or how many spaces they have left to fill up in their card!

Since September all children in the school have been working very hard to collect eight achievements in their Bronze Award Card.  In our whole school assembly on Friday 19th October, we celebrated the first children in the school to receive their Bronze Awards this year.

Congratulations to Denver, who was the first child in the school to complete his Bronze Award.  Denver had filled his card up with fantastic achievements such as ‘superb walking and climbing at QE Park’; ‘great joining in during Music’ and ‘for taking amazing care of his friend who was poorly’ ~ well done Denver!

Denver’s completion of his Bronze Award was quickly followed in the same week by Leo, Josef, Jude, Rhys and Annie.  All of the children received their certificates in assembly along with the points for their teams ~ great work everyone!