Ducklings at Cliffdale!

Ducklings at Cliffdale!

Cliffdale were very lucky to be ‘home’ to first eggs and then ducklings for 10 days.

They were a huge success and the pupils loved checking on them when they arrived in the morning and again when leaving at the end of the school day. All the classes had the opportunity to visit the ducklings during the day too!

These are some of the comments made by the pupils:

They are so cute and fluffy – Shannon (Tiger Class)

They are growing, they have pink beaks. Are they girls? They look like boys! – Billy (Tiger Class)

After feeding a duckling and getting a little nip – I thought you said it didn’t have teeth! – Peyton (Gorilla Class)

The Pond is gone, the ducks did drink it all – Livai (Elephant Class)

They are adorable. I just can’t get enough of them! – Isaac (Tiger Class)

After looking at an egg, said and signed: Wind it up! Brandon (Koala Class)

On her way out at the end of a school day – Goodnight little ducks, sweet dreams. Leah (Panda)

The pupils really enjoyed holding and feeding the ducklings. They enjoyed learning about ducks and ducklings and looking at and feeling a duckling’s webbed feet. The pupils loved watching the ducklings swim and dive under the water. They were astonished at how quickly the ducklings were growing.

A piece of creative writing inspired by the ducklings’ visit. It is written from the duckling’s (Bubbles’) perspective:

All the children came to school and running to me. I was frightened. My wings was shaking and my beak opened wide. Then a class came and a child called Levi thought I was fluffy and was excited to see him. I liked to be swimming with my duckling friends. After the children had lunch they come to get the register and come to see me. I had a great time!

(Keeleigh – Gorilla Class)

The ducklings were rehoused! Three by one of our Teaching Assistants and two have gone to live on a small holding owned by one of our Teacher’s parents. So we will be able to hear how the ducklings are doing. They are Pekin Ducks so when fully grown will look just like Donald Duck!