First Gold Award Winner

First Gold Award Winner

Today we celebrated our first Gold Award Winner of this year!

This year’s first Gold Award Winner!

Today we celebrated our first Gold Award Winner of this year! A huge ‘well done’ to Marley, who was the first pupil in the school to receive his Gold Award Certificate.  Marley has been working hard for over the last term to collect 15 achievements on his Gold Award Card.  These were given to him from staff throughout the school in recognition of his efforts, hard work and being kind and helpful towards other children, particularly the younger children.  All of these things were ‘above and beyond’ his everyday hard work and good behaviour.

Marley was very excited when he took his Gold Award Card to Ashley to find out that he was the first person in the school to get it!  He then checked how many achievements he needs for the Diamond Award, because he is determined to be the first to get this award too! 

Everyone cheered and clapped Marley in the whole school Assembly and lots of children were very keen to see his Diamond Award Card, which actually sparkles! As one of the Red Team Captains Marley was also really pleased to be getting 5 points for the Team by getting his Gold Award. 

Marley couldn’t stop smiling and laughing when he had his photo taken with his certificate, mostly because the whole school were teasing him by saying “Don’t smile Marley!”, because he usually tries to look ‘cool’ in his photos!