Friendship Week

Friendship Week

Cliffdale Primary Academy fully embraced this year’s Friendship Week

Cliffdale Primary Academy fully embraced this year’s Friendship Week. There was a real focus on sharing with friends from different classes and also helping our friends, especially those in the Lower School.


Here are just some of the things the classes were getting up to!


Elephant, Rhino and Zebra Class had a friendship party and made gifts and cards for each other. The children also shared games and toys and read books to each other. All the children enjoyed getting to know new friends from other classes.


Elephant and Tiger Class visited QE Country Park and shared the adventure equipment! It was such a lovely day.


Rhino Class have been learning about sharing and doing things for other people during friendship week. We really enjoyed making cupcakes and frames to give to Zebra and Elephant classes as gifts. We also loved sharing games and books with our friends from other classes.’


Koala class were very pleased to be invited to make pizzas with Tiger Class. Kimmie and Whitney delivered the ingredients to the class, and then came back to supervise. Flyn thought that making pizzas was a brilliant idea, and decided to name all the ingredients on the table at least five times!


Zebra Class and Koala class went to Drayton Park together.   Keira and Aarya enjoyed a relaxing time at the park on the climbing frame, whilst others enjoyed the slide, swings and zip slide.


Giraffe Class have written and made friendships high fives this week along with learning to order our friendship poem. They have spent time learning new games like noughts and crosses taking turns with an adult as well as playing more with familiar games with a friend such as Kerplunk, pop up pirate and monkey dunk.

Giraffe Class also learnt to cut and share fruit with a friend and the whole class enjoyed go to the park with Koala class. The children held hands and walked with each sensibly from the minibus to the park. They helped each other on the swings and roundabout, played ball games and took turns on the zip wire. What a lot of fun! It has been a busy yet fun week being kinds to our friends.

Panda Class had a brilliant Friendship week. The children made friendship bracelets and gave them to a friend, along with sharing snack with Monkey class and making new friends.


Monkey Class joined up with their friends in Panda Class to play lots of game and share their favourite toys. The friendship photo booth was really popular with all of the children. They had to choose a friend and a fancy dress costume for them to dress up in!


Crocodile and Gorilla Class teamed up during friendship week to get to know each other even better. We had such fun! We played games together, we shared out playdough in our fractions lesson, we took a selfie! One afternoon we all hopped on a bus and went to QE Forest, there we helped each other climb and do things we can only do with a friend’s help! During PE we used blindfolds to help our friend get around the obstacle course – that was tricky - we had to trust each other! After getting to know each other we personalised a gift for our new friend. Some people wanted a decorated ball and others had a friendship bracelet made especially for them! We all had such a lovely week and have enjoyed continuing to play with our new friends at playtime.


Lion Class had a lovely time celebrating friendships within the class and on the playground! They made friendship bracelets, a friendship wreath and friendship cards for a special friend! They had to give a reason why they wanted to give a card to that special person. There was lots of sharing and caring amongst the pupils as they wanted to show that they were kind children! Fun, turn-taking games were played and stories read about friendships. Lion Class especially enjoyed ‘The Nutty Nut Chase’! On the Monday Lion Class went to Queen Elizabeth Park where photos were taken of ‘best friends’ and Lion Class then made a poster of that enjoyable afternoon. Lion Class also made a ‘It’s fun to be silly with our friends’ poster where all the children and the adults were photographed pulling silly faces!


Wow!! Cliffdale Primary Academy had an amazing and VERY busy Friendship Week!