Friendship week

Friendship week

All of the pupils and staff at Cliffdale Primary Academy joined in with raising awareness for ‘Anti-bullying week’ in the week beginning 14th November.

We decided to do this by putting our own touch on it by making it ‘Friendship week.’ We all had a great time and it gave each class an opportunity to appreciate the friends they already had and to make some new ones too.

Lower school focused on and sharing activities with new and old friends. Some of the highlights from lower school were…

In Monkey class they made happy face friendship biscuits to share with some of their friends from Koala class. Koala class had a fabulous time visiting Monkey class to try their yummy biscuits and share some of their toys too!

Kangaroo class had a friendship tea party! They made friendship crowns to wear to the party and helped to lay the table and share all of the food and drink out so everybody had something.

Whilst lower school were busy working hard and playing with their friends, upper school concentrated on knowing what makes a good friend and the importance of working together. It gave everyone a chance to reflect on the friends they had and if they were a good friend to others too. Some of upper schools best bits from the week were…

In Rhino class they used the Ipads to make a friendship movie! Everyone had a part to play and all of the children worked together. They all joined in with playing lots of games. They learnt that although everyone is different in Rhino class they can all work together and are part of the same team.

As Rhino class were filming their own movie, Zebra class were busy forming a band! They learnt about the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and joined in with lots of turn taking and sharing games with their friends. They ended the week by learning to play the ukulele along to the song ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me.’

We ended the week with a whole school assembly to celebrate everyone’s successes from our ‘Friendship week.’ It was great to see how much work everyone had put in, but most importantly it was just good to be amongst friends…old and new!