Fun in the forest

Fun in the forest

Autumn has continued to be very exciting in the forest, especially with the changes in the weather! The cold, frosty temperatures have made the woods look magical as trees and fallen leaves, glisten in the sun!

Crocodile class went for a walk around Creech woods to see what changes had occurred in the forest. They found a white coating of frost over everything and even ice footprints! Lennon found ice but it was a bit muddy! The class had a wonderful moment on the trip back to school when I stopped for a deer to cross over in front of us and three deer ran parallel to the bus in the field jumping so gracefully! It was brilliant!

Tiger class found their brave side and showed great team spirit cheering each other on to cross a very narrow log bridge across a ditch. They helped each other to achieve their best and find courage. Chelsea enjoyed creating a den and Hannah decided that mud was the best!

Elephant class read the story Where the Wild Things Are inside a den. They enjoyed practising what the wild things did too! Swinging from trees was quite popular as the pictures of Ryan and Zac shows! The children got stuck into the mud as they created mud castles and made wild thing faces on the trees! Hippo and Giraffe class also enjoyed the story and made crowns to be like Max, King of the Wild Things! Whose crown do you like best?

Giraffe class had fun finding fir cones in the forest. They used cotton wool to create little Christmas trees of their own! The children also found woodland cookies and Jack Frost had left beautiful threads hanging from the holly! They created a special decoration to take home ready for their own tree!