JRock 2019

JRock 2019

Cliffdale’s year 5 and 6 pupils have once again done us proud, performing at Portsmouth’s Guildhall

Cliffdale’s year 5 and 6 pupils have once again done us proud, performing at Portsmouth’s Guildhall.  Their JRock performance this year was called ‘Game Changer’

Where do your dreams take you? To a magical fantasy of infinite possibilities that inspires your waking day? Imagine if your mind became a virtual reality and you no longer created your own dreams. If your life became the rules of a game that you once played, where would that lead you?

A topical subject in the present day, with most of our pupils enjoying technology in some form.  Lots of pupils enjoy playing computer games and can get ‘lost’ in a make believe world and no doubt have wished that they would like to become part of that world. 

It all started back in September 2018 with an exciting JRock launch day.  The day was spent introducing specific games and characters to the pupils; Pac-man, Mario Kart and a more recent game, Minecraft.  Everyone got a chance to play those computer games along with some others.  Pupils also had a go at designing their own computer games and characters and learnt a dance routine in the hall with all the lights and music on.  Rehearsals then begun on Thursdays, throughout the Autumn and Spring term.  

When JRock day finally came, everyone arrived at school in the morning where the excitement began, by receiving our specially designed JRock t-shirts!  We had a relaxing morning in school, an early lunch and then got changed into our T-shirts before heading to the Guildhall.  As soon as we arrived the fun began by joining all the other schools in the theatre.  The atmosphere was electric and the pupils loved dancing and cheering to the very loud music!  The JRock hosts did a great job energising and ‘hyping up’ the crowd, creating a natural high, which is the ‘Be Your Best’ Foundation ethos. The rehearsals then begun and that gave everyone the opportunity to see what it was like to perform on the Guildhall stage for the very first time! We also really enjoyed watching all the other schools perform.

After our rehearsal it was time for tea and a little ‘down time’, before very soon needing to get our costumes on and have make-up and hair done!  Very soon it was ‘show time’!  Everyone was excited and a little bit nervous as we stood in the wings on both sides of the stage waiting to perform.  Kimmie was our ‘student co-host’ and she did a brilliant job of introducing us to the stage.  Then we were on!  Every single pupil went on stage and remembered all of their moves!  The performance was amazing and every single pupil did a fantastic job, playing their part in the overall performance ~ the audience went wild when we finished!!     

After our performance most pupils went home for a well-earned sleep, but our brilliant ‘student representatives’, Kimmie, Areen, Mason, Mazin and Zac stayed on until after the interval to go back on stage and receive our well deserved awards. We were awarded four ‘Awards of Excellence’ for ‘Entertainment’, ‘Stage Use’, ‘Set Design & Function’ and ‘Concept’.  These awards were accepted on the behalf of the Cliffdale team with pride and a great sense of achievement.