Lower School Fantastic Finish

Lower School Fantastic Finish

Wow, what a busy Autumn term the children in Lower School have had.

Wow, what a busy Autumn term the children in Lower School have had. Everyone jumped straight into the topic ‘Colour Magic’ and have been immersed in colour ever since! Over the term the children have learnt to label and recognise colours, mix and make new colours and investigate light and dark. The children have had a wonderful time getting messy with paints and have been mesmerised by the magic of being able to mix and change colours!  All of the children in Lower School celebrated the end of their topic by showing off all they have learnt with a ‘Fantastic Finish’ afternoon. Everyone came to school dressed in colourful rainbow clothes and joined in with sharing all of the achievements from across the term. The particular highlights from the afternoon were…

Monkey class were able to follow clues around the school to find hidden colour objects. Some of the objects were really hiding so they had to look really carefully. They then had to sort the objects into the correct coloured basket! Monkey class also demonstrated how good they have become at choosing colours to paint with and they all had a go at trying to paint within the lines of an animal shape.

Panda class had a great afternoon for our Fantastic Finish. Josef loved going on a ‘treasure hunt’ around the school to find different coloured objects and Osman made a fab collage for his team colour ‘Purple’!

Hippos have learnt lots about the colourful world they live in, from watching the leaves changing colour in autumn to investigating the colours both inside and outside of the classroom. They have also learned lots about mixing and changing colour which they all found intriguing.

Kangaroo class really enjoyed making colourful signs for the fantastic finish assembly! Everyone was able to choose which colour sign they wanted to make, then had loads of fun sprinkling tissue paper onto the glue. In the assembly, George loved holding up the right colour sign for the correct coloured team.

Elephant Class had lots of fun in the Fantastic Finish afternoon. The children all helped to decorate a large outline of an Elephant with all of the artists they have been learning about this term, including Pollock, Rothko and Kandinsky.

Koala class have been very busy across the whole term. They have learnt to match, post, paint with colour and particularly enjoyed making their very own rainbow out of different collage materials.