Lower School Topic Launch Day

Lower School Topic Launch Day

Lower school had a marvellous start to their autumn term topic ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.’

Lower school had a marvellous start to their autumn term topic ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.’  The children arrived at school to find out that they were being treated to a ‘Cliffdale Sensory Spa’ day experience!  Every class had a great time visiting the different areas of our ‘spa’ to learn about all of the ways we can use our bodies and senses.

Some of the highlights from across the day were…

Panda class had great fun in the hall. The children started with a warm up before completing an obstacle course of balancing, crawling, jumping and climbing. To finish the 'fitness session' they did some Yoga.  All of the children tried really hard to copy the poses and follow the warm down to some calm music.

Hippo class enjoyed making smoothies using different fruit. The children had to use all of their senses to make them. Some were happy to touch and smell the fruit, whilst others had a go at tasting it!  Hippo’s favourite part was putting the fruit in the blender and watching it turn into a smoothie!  

Kangaroo and Monkey class tackled the challenge of finding their way around the school to see all of the activities that were on offer. Their favourite had to be getting messy in the art room. They made hand prints out of paint and some even had a go at making some foot prints too! They also used their hands to touch and feel a range of different sensory materials. The wet water beads were a huge hit with them all!

Raccoon class enjoyed chilling out in the relaxation zone. A favourite amongst all of the children was the foot spa. Putting their feet in the warm water, feeling the vibrations and watching the water bubble was very exciting.

Meerkat’s favourite part of the day was the outdoor sensory trail in the environmental area. Using their feet, the children followed a trail outside. They then had to stand very still to identify the different sounds they could hear. They heard birds singing, cars beeping and children talking.  They then used their hands for climbing, swinging and pushing each other on the swing. 

The children had a wonderful, relaxing, but busy day visiting ‘Cliffdale’s Sensory Spa’ and are now looking forward to finding out lots more about what their bodies can do over the course of the term.