LS Topic Launch Day Summer 2019

LS Topic Launch Day Summer 2019

Lower school had a fantastic start to the summer term with their topic launch day for their new topic ‘Friends of Mine.’

Lower school had a fantastic start to the summer term with their topic launch day for their new topic ‘Friends of Mine.’ The topic is all about friendships. The children will be learning all about each other’s likes and dislikes; including what their favourite foods, games and animals are. They will also be learning to play lots of turn taking games with new and old friends. They are going to be very busy. The topic started with a great big ‘Cliffdale party’ where the children spent the day preparing food, games and decorations. The day ended with all of the classes joining together to enjoy a party with all of their friends.

Monkey and Koala class had a great time exploring the activities that were on offer in the Art room. They all made their own hats to take to the party, some children even made a hat for a friend to take too! Every class also contributed to putting their hand print on a lower school friendship tree.

Panda class were busy practicing their dance moves in the hall and learnt how to play some party games with their friends. Their favourite was ‘musical chairs!’ Dancing around the chairs until the music stopped was fun for everyone and Alex was the overall winner!  

Kangaroo class had a fantastic time joining in with the team party games out on the field. The all had a turn at completing the obstacle course and they all worked together to build a really tall tower out of bricks. Their favourite game though, was the parachute. They thought it was great fun all running under the parachute trying to not get caught underneath it.

Hippo and Elephant class enjoyed preparing the party bags and decorating biscuits and cakes for the party. They worked really hard to make sure the party bags had everything they needed in; bubbles, balloons, sweets and a party hat. They had to make it past quality control before they could be given out! The children decorated the biscuits and cakes with smarties and marshmallows and then chose a friend to give them to at the party.

The children all had a fantastic time celebrating their friendships but by the end of the day they were all partied out!