RE Day – Hanukkah

RE Day – Hanukkah

Cliffdale learnt about the Jewish Festival of Light called Hannukah.

Cliffdale learnt about the Jewish Festival of Light called Hannukah. They found out that the Jewish people celebrate the miracle of a lamp burning for eight days when it only had enough oil to burn for one day! Hannukah is an eight day festival where gifts are exchanged, foods cooked in oil are eaten and special games are played, including one with a spinning top called a Dreidel.

The pupils enjoyed eating doughnuts, edible dreidels that they made themselves and potato latkes which they grated the ingredients for, mixed it all together and cooked in oil.

A Menorrah is used to hold the 8 candles, a new candle is lit each day. The pupils made Menorrahs using different methods and materials. They especially liked getting paint all over their hands and making handprints which looked like candles with a burning flame.

The Star of David was created using lolly sticks. This is the symbol for the Jewish religion.

Gold Coins called Geldt are given to the Jewish children. Cliffdale children enjoyed playing ‘Pass the Parcel’ discovering gold coins between the layers and also going on treasure hunts and following clever clues to find the hidden coins.

The concept that was learnt through learning about this festival was good versus evil. The children learnt that the Macabees (some Jewish people) stood up for what they believed was right and overcame the hardships that the people ruling over them were putting them under. They reclaimed and cleaned their temple and that is when the miracle of the burning oil took place.