School Council - Spring

School Council - Spring

The School Council has been very busy this term...

The School Council has been very busy this term! Each upper school class has one councillor who is in charge of taking the thoughts and questions from the class to the meeting. The meetings take place in our special ‘meeting room’ and always include refreshments for our councillors!

This term the councillors have focused on ideas for playtimes and have also discussed how to celebrate getting ‘Outstanding’ in our Ofsted inspection!

The councillors have been thinking about how to make our playtimes even better. They talked about what games their classes would like and what equipment they need to buy.  Lots of new equipment has already been purchased, including scooters, bikes and balls. The councillors are also starting to think about games they would like the older children to run, e.g. circuit training and story club.

The councillors also had the job of helping to decide how to celebrate being outstanding!  They discussed what would make a good celebration and narrowed it down to food, drink and party games. They voted on which sandwich fillings, flavoured crisps and drinks they would like. The councillors then shared their ideas with Ashley. They also feed back to the lower school and the staff to make sure that the whole school is involved.

At our next meeting we will be discussing the school events coming up in the summer term.