School Council

School Council

Upper School held their School Council Elections this week

Upper School held their School Council Elections this week, with each class choosing their representative in a democratic and very secret fashion! This term, School Council will meet to discuss Friendship Week and Children in Need Day, the Christmas Fayre and choosing music in assemblies.


The new School Council Representatives are as follows:


  • Zebra Class chose Freddie to be their School Council rep this year.
  • Giraffe Class chose James as their School Council rep with Joshua as a backup if James is unavailable!
  • Lion Class wanted to vote for themselves, but once they realised that they could not they became far more democratic!!!! Ryan was delighted to be chosen for school council and Jack will be his stand in should he not be at school.
  • Gorilla Class chose Savanna as their School Council representative with Jasper as backup!
  • Crocodile Class chose Mohammed in a fair and democratic vote!
  • Tiger Class first spoke together about what a school councillor does and what skills you would need to be good at the job. Then any children who wanted to represent the class stepped forward. The names of these children were displayed on the table outside. Each child came in turn and placed their counter next to the child’s name they wanted to vote for. The winner was the child with the most counters next to their name.
  • Rhino Class chose Rudy to be their school council rep. He is very excited!


It’s not all just about Upper School though. Lower School are going to get involved too! Each Lower School class will have an opportunity to contribute to any decisions made by the school council and also have an assigned Upper School representative to support them to have their say!


Stay tuned for our minutes from our first meeting sometime in October!