Team Day 2019

Team Day 2019

The first team day of the new academic year, was a huge success!

The first team day of the new academic year, was a huge success! All the new children were welcomed into their teams, getting to know each other and finding out what staff are in their team. All of the children wore their team colours; it’s a fabulous way to identify which team everyone is in.

The day started with lower school children in their classrooms enjoying a range of colour activities e.g. crafts, sensory play, cooking and games. Upper school children all met in the hall, sitting next to their team colour symbol. They were set a challenge to collect ‘treasure’ (team coloured balls!) which had been hidden around the school. Team points were awarded for the first to return with the ‘treasure’, the best at sorting the ‘treasure’ and first to collect the bonus ‘treasure’ (blue balls!). Once all the treasure had been found a range of physical, competitive games were played in the hall using the ‘treasure’. Which team could sort all of the balls after they had been mixed up? The winning team got more points! Also, children practised their throwing and aiming skills, trying to get their team colour ball into the paddling pool. After the morning playtime upper and lower school children swapped over, with the lower school coming into the hall, to complete their treasure hunt. A new pupil in lower school said, ‘it was the best day ever’!

To finish the day the whole school came together in the afternoon for assembly. Each team sat together, rather than in their classes, the team chants were practised and sung as loud as they could! Throughout the assembly, the anticipation was building...which children were to be the new team captains for this year?! There are two captains in each team, they count and collect the points each week in Friday assemblies and they represent their teams for special days. The children in the upper school talked about who it might be all day.

For the Yellow Team Connie and Peter were chosen; in the Purple Team it was Levi and Bradley who were picked; for the Red Team it was Mollie and Kimmie and finally representing the Green Team, its Dante and Issy. They were all presented with certificates, had their photos taken and will have special captain t-shirts and caps to wear each week in assembly. Each child was so surprised, proud and extremely excited, to achieve such a sort after position at Cliffdale