Team Day

Team Day

Team Day continues to be an exciting and different day much enjoyed by everyone at Cliffdale...

Team Day continues to be an exciting and different day much enjoyed by everyone at Cliffdale.  It was a time to revisit the team colours, which represent the school’s logo ‘The Cliffdale Star’.  It was also great fun to work with different children and staff in our colour teams, giving the pupils an opportunity to build on their skills of working as part of a larger group. 

Everyone spent the first part of the morning in their classrooms enjoying a range of colour activities.  The focus was for each pupil to decorate a small triangle in their team colour, to bring along to assembly.  The second half of the morning saw the Upper School pupils divide into different areas of the school.  The red and purple teams took part in a variety of competitive games in the hall, they had to work cooperatively to complete each challenge and cheered each other on all the way.  Green team in Upper School worked together to build a large tower out of green crates and the Upper School yellow team took part in a tug-of-war.  Lower School came together in different classrooms, exploring their colour in a wide variety of fun activities. 

The new tradition of sitting in teams during assembly carried on this time and the ‘team spirit’ was felt all around the hall.  Each team sung their team chant as loud as they could and cheered for as long as they could!  At the start of the assembly each pupil bought up the coloured triangle they had decorated earlier that morning and placed them on the large Cliffdale Star, in the middle of the hall. It looked very effective once all the coloured triangles were in place.  At the end of the assembly the team points where added up and Finlay from Gorilla class did a great job of reading out the results.  He announced that the winner so far is…..the Purple Team!  But, that could all change next week!