Team Day

Team Day

On Friday 16th September we had a first ‘Team Day’ of the new school year and what a great day we had!

Team Day

On Friday 16th September we had a first ‘Team Day’ of the new school year and what a great day we had!  It was a fabulous opportunity for new pupils and staff to get to know their team mates across the school and for pupils and staff from different classes to get together and have some fun.

During the morning the lower school enjoyed team activities together in their classrooms and invited team members from other classes to join them.  They decorated biscuits to share and participated in coloured water relays. Lots of mess and laughter was shared by all!

For the upper school each team came together in the hall for their junk model tower challenge. After dancing and games with lots of loud chanting the teams set out to build the tallest tower using junk that they collected. Points were awarded to the team that worked best together, the tallest tower and the most creative tower. Pupils from all the classes helped each other to be the first to get points.

After morning break, the whole school teams got together in locations around the school to sing their team songs and play games together.  With the pupils in the upper school supporting the younger pupils, the site staff and office staff joining in too, a great time was had by everyone! 


Our Friday assembly was a riot of colour with everyone in their team colour t-shirts and caps with team colour posters and coloured instruments.  Chanting and cheering encouraged the sense of anticipation as the team points were announced from the mornings’ activities.  But before the first points could be added together it was time for the announcement of the new Team Captains!  This is a very important role in the school for pupils in Years 5 and 6 only. One boy and one girl are chosen who will captain their team for the entire year, representing them in all the different events that take place.  There was much anticipation in Years 5 and 6 as the whole school made the sound of a drum roll and the captains were announced!   This year’s team captains are:

Green Team: Alexis and Owen

Red Team: Chloe and Marley

Yellow Team: Chelsea and Lewis

Purple Team: Rudi and Lara

Each pupil came up to collect their team captain t-shirt, ready to receive the first points for their team – they were very proud and excited indeed!

At the end of the first ‘Team Day’ the Purple team took the lead with 28 points, they were closely followed by the Yellow team with 27 points and the Red team and Green team only three points behind them!  It’s a close start and everyone is determined to work together to collect as many points as possible for their team this year. Good luck to them all!!