Upper School Topic Launch Day - The Inventor’s Shed

 Upper School Topic Launch Day - The Inventor’s Shed

In Upper School our new topic “The Inventor’s Shed” is all about being creative.

In Upper School our new topic “The Inventor's Shed” is all about being creative. We are going to be designing and making our own stories, products and recipes and for Topic Launch Day the children were given a snippet of the learning that lies ahead.

The day started with a mystery:

“What is our new topic called?” Each class was presented with a block of ice. Inside was hidden our new topic symbol but how could we get it out? Tiger and Zebra class chose to try and crack the ice using hammers. Crocodile and Gorilla class however used their scientific knowledge and pored hot water over the block to melt the ice. It was great fun seeing who retrieved the symbol first.

After play Upper School became inventors. We were lucky enough to have a huge pile of recycled materials to choose from and free choice to create a design of our choice. In Rhino class the children each made a robot to help them complete special jobs like singing, dancing, feeding snails and playing football.

In the afternoon we were allowed to get really messy. In class we started with a special bucket where the teachers made their own exploding potions. Then it was our turn. We explored the school, trying to find the most unusual ingredients. Lion class used all different types of food to make their potions and loved mixing them together. However in Tiger class the potions were far more unusual containing leaves, fish food and shaving cream. Disgusting but so much fun.

Upper school finished the day with an assembly in the hall where we showcased our inventions and shared our magic potions! We cannot wait to see what else we are going to learn.