US Topic Launch Day Summer 2019

US Topic Launch Day Summer 2019

This term in Upper School we are taking advantage of the lovely weather and learning all about plants and how to care for them.

This term in Upper School we are taking advantage of the lovely weather and learning all about plants and how to care for them. For our topic launch day the teachers planned several activities giving the children an insight into what they would be learning in the weeks ahead.

Crocodile class thoroughly enjoyed learning how to plant a hanging basket. They used a mixture of upright and trailing plants in an array of different colours to fill their basket. They are learning how to care for the flowers throughout the summer season and being so responsible watering them each week to ensure they always look their best.

Rhino class enjoyed decorating plant pots using lots of different found materials from around school. We used tissue paper, shells, shiny card and glitter. We also drew on toilet roll tubes and egg boxes to make plant pots for seedlings from recycled materials.

Zebra class loved topic launch day especially working together and sharing and using a range of tools including spades, forks, rakes and trowels to weed and perform general maintenance work on the schools environmental area. We then transported the weeds using wheelbarrows to the compost heap to use as compost for the raised flower beds next year.

Gorilla class went to visit a garden centre. The children had a good look at a variety of flowers, they got up close to have a sniff. There were all different types of flowers; some were small and some were really big! There was a favourite giant and fragrant one called a rhododendron! We looked at the petals and their different shapes and colours there were even some visiting bees that loved the flowers as much as Gorilla class!

Tiger class had so much fun exploring all the different resources outside in the tuff trays. The children learnt to wash and peel a variety of root vegetables including potatoes, parsnips and carrots. They also practised their counting by placing the right amount of seeds in each pot. However their favourite was making mud pies and mud porridge in different sized containers. They even made the adults pretend to taste.

All the classes had the opportunity to practise their art skills by drawing different vegetables. The children got their hands messy printing with the vegetables and different coloured paint. They also used pastels to colour their drawing trying hard to match all the shades observed.

Finally the children also explored our school environment to see all the plants that are already growing.

It was a wonderful start to the summer term!!