Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

On Wednesday 7th September we came back to school! In the afternoon whole school came together in the afternoon for assembly.

Welcome Back!

On Wednesday 7th September we came back to school!  In the afternoon whole school came together in the afternoon for assembly.  Everyone was very excited to be back at school and there were lots of new children to welcome to Cliffdale.

During the assembly we said ‘hello’ to all of the new children; their name went up onto the screen with the animal symbol to represent the class that they are in.  Everyone said ‘hello’ and gave them a wave and a big smile.  Some of the new children were very brave and came out to the front and said ‘hello’ back to everyone! 

During the assembly we sung some of our favourite songs and got ourselves moving to ‘keep on dancing’!  We ended our first day assembly by singing our very own anthem, ‘Cliffdale Primary is a cool place’…because it is!

Then on Friday afternoon we had our usual whole school assembly and thought about what being friends means.  We gave our friends a smile and a wave and then some children came out and showed everyone how to play a game with a friend.   We sang a song about being friends and played instruments together.  We danced with our friends and then finally we thought about sharing with our friends.

Every class had a bowl of fruit and one person, who was good at sharing, came to get their bowl of fruit to share with their friends.  Everyone enjoyed sharing strawberries and grapes, raspberries and blueberries.  Everyone agreed that being friends is great!