Welcome to Cliffdale

Welcome to Cliffdale

This year we are delighted to have welcomed 20 new pupils into Cliffdale from Reception to Year 3. They are all delightful and have settled in incredibly well!

In Monkey Class we welcome 5 new children; four boys, Alexander, Dexter, Alex M and Alex P and a girl, Lily-Beth.  All five children have been enjoying getting to know each other in their first week in school. They have been learning their new friends’ names and the names of the staff in the class. They have also been learning how to find their way around school, visiting different classrooms and using their schedules to go to certain places.

In Koala Class we have had 4 new boys start who are all in Reception year.  Danny, Nathan, Harry and George have had a fantastic start to the school year!  They have spent their time getting to know each other and the class routine. They have been exploring all of the exciting resources in the choosing area…the sand tray has been very popular! The class book ‘Knock Knock Who is in Koala Class?’ has helped to get to know each other’s names…and it has been great fun to see who is hiding behind each door! 

In Panda class we welcome 4 new pupils to the class; Neeson, Keira and Samuel come to Cliffdale as year 1 pupils and Francesca as her first year at school in Reception year.  All four pupils have settled in really well! Neeson loved sharing a counting book with Kay, while Keira enjoyed reading in the book corner. Samuel had a fantastic time investigating outside at Cliffdale sharing a drumming moment with a new friend in Panda class and Francesca did really well in maths posting counters into a container. It has been a wonderfully, busy start to the autumn term and Panda class has become even more delightful with our new friends joining us.

Hippo Class welcome 2 new boys this year, Ben and Nasir.  After a fairly quiet start both Ben and Nasir soon gained confidence and were keen to investigate their new surroundings and share their favourite activities with their class mates. Ben is showing great skill with paint and brushes using lots of words to make excited choices of colour. Nasir appears to be a natural scientist having lots of fun investigating the environmental area with his new friend.

Elephant class are really pleased to welcome Charlie who has settled in really well and has made some new friends; Areen and Dante. Charlie loves riding on the bikes in the MUGA with his friends at playtime.  Charlie raced brilliantly in PE and shook his classmate’s hands to be a good Sportsman!  Zoe was so impressed she gave him a bronze award!  Charlie has enjoyed joining in with a wide range of activities in class; we have read, counted, written summer diaries, made bookmarks for the library and lots more! 

In Kangaroo class we are really pleased to welcome Leah.  Leah is settling in really well and is getting to know her way around the classroom and has found lots of fun things to do and play with.  She really enjoys all the different inset puzzles, especially the ones that make noise each time she gets it right!  Leah is always singing and joins in with counting out loud.  She has been engaging well with the staff and loves watching them write out the numbers as she sings them.  What a great start at Cliffdale Leah.

Gorilla class welcome 3 new pupils this year, Brandon, Keeleigh and Meliah. 

Brandon liked making a Gorilla puppet to take home. He has especially enjoyed playing with the castle out on the playground and has not stopped talking about it! He also enjoyed playing with the superhero action figurines after wearing his glasses for the whole day!!

Keeleigh already likes to keep her teacher on her toes by reminding her to remove symbols from the visual timetable!  She has enjoyed becoming familiar with the school and class routines. She especially enjoyed riding on the school bikes round the playground.

Meliah has already made some new friends with children from other classes on the playground. She has enjoyed riding the bikes, making a gorilla puppet, listening to stories and even pretending to be the class-teacher!