Yr 5&6 at Fairthorne Manor

Yr 5&6 at Fairthorne Manor

Wow! What an exciting week 12 pupils had in May 2019...

Wow! What an exciting week 12 pupils had in May 2019.  For some pupils it was a brand new experience, for others it was a return trip.  The minibuses set off from school with slight trepidation but also with a great deal of excitement about the up-coming week ahead. 

As soon as the mini bus arrived at Fairthorne Manor, Henry the Link Worker introduced himself and begun showing everyone around.  All the pupils found their rooms at Ben’s house and began unpacking, making their rooms as homely as they could.  But there was no time to stop, it was straight into afternoon activities.  The first afternoon, saw the group work their way around a trail, sounds easy!  It wasn’t because everyone was blind-folded.  The whole group then moved onto a really fun obstacle course, which was quite challenging.  Climbing over high walls, scrambling through tyres and balancing on wobbly boards. 

This is how the week continued two activities in the morning after a delicious breakfast in the dinner hall, stopping for a packed lunch in the middle of the day at Ben’s house.  Then returning to the adventures after lunch.  Dinner was again in the dinner hall and then the evening activity was just before hot chocolate, shower and bed, phew! The evening activities were varied each day but the campfire and the disco was the most popular!

Each day had highlights and lots of laughs.  The jumping pillow made everyone smile, whilst learning how to build a campfire required concentration and working together.  Working as a team was frequently encouraged, no more so than when building a raft.  Wooden poles and barrels were fixed together and then set out onto the water to see if it would float.  It did!   So everyone got on board and set sail.  Other water sports were also a favourite on a warm, sunny day-kayaking and Katakanus.  Abseiling, climbing and the zip wire were more of a personal challenge but everyone cheered, praised and encouraged their friends along, to do their best. 

It was a week full of happiness, smiles, excitement, adventure, friendship and experiences that will be remembered forever.